Welcome! Feel free to dig around.
Social media can get exhausting, so I wanted to carve out my own
space here to house my creative projects and other random stuff.
I'm hoping to continue building out content here. Thanks for stopping by.


12/17/2022 - Some minor clean up. Contemplating more fresh junk to put here in 2023!
10/6/2022 - Been busy with Cryohazard, it's finished finally! Updated game dev page with the link.
6/23/2022 - Added some fresh screens for Cryohazard to the Game Dev page, along with adding an upcoming Alien Crush Returns race to the Stream page.
6/2/2022 - Small update, upcoming stream events have passed (they were fun!) One of these days I'll get started on the shrines :)
5/16/2022 - Added some embeds to the music page, other minor tweaks
5/15/2022 - Added a guestbook! Also a goofy childhood rom hack I made, Happy Batman, now has a home on the Game Dev page, and a couple more stream links I missed on first upload.
5/14/2022 - Site launched!