Latest game project completed:

Cryohazard (for Game Boy)
Released on October 1st, 2022! Go check it out for free at itch.

Inspired by classic point and click games, Choose Your Own Adventure books, and B-grade horror films, Cryohazard is a short story of waking from cryogenic sleep in a dilapidated research facility full of mystery, mayhem, and monstrous mutants. Multiple endings and numerous gruesome deaths are abound in this game designed for the original Game Boy, compatible with emulators and real hardware.

Past Projects:

Pollutant Mutant

Pollutant Mutant was made in 2 weeks for "My First Game Jam 2020" with GameMaker Studio and I learned a ton, mostly that game dev is an absolute crapton of work. Writing code and programming is probably the most challenging aspect for me but I do like how making games is a mashup of all sorts of interests and skills that I'm into. In the end I'm just happy it runs and generally works! To summarize the game, it's basically janky Galaga but with hot pants Karnov in a sewer. How's that for an elevator pitch?
You can play it here. I still might remake this one into a top down shooter or something sometime.

Happy Batman

Not even sure where to put this but I made a really terrible rom hack of Batman for the NES when I was a kid and posted it on my old geocities page. I basically opened the rom in Nesticle as was able to edit the sprites and tiles. I can barely remember even making it, but somehow it got a full review here! You can even still download it if you want.