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8BitsOfJoy - Bitties! plays weird NES games fast
AcidicIV - fellow Monster Party enthusiast
algi80 - PC game series exploration and DM tutorials
angrylanks - top tier Contra speedruns
apesmeister - eclectic retro variety on real hardware
Aquas - difficult speedruns / 1cc attempts
Bartaan - AAAAAAA
bassguy4 - chill retro speedrunning
BogusMeatFactory - cool virtual game room and unique game choices
BovineDevine - retro variety / hardcore collector
Brigand1851 - retro/indie variety and home of the Shovelware Showcase
cajink87 - Chayter Nation! retro speedruns and chill sim games
CerealArcade - retro stream of many names, this link will probably break soon
CheeseVikingGames - pinball/retro/variety goodness, cooks eggs in a tube
Chinese_Hulk - smashing tough retro games
CritRocketRunner - NES speedruns and pixel art tutorials
DorianZdrinc - retro variety on real hardware, crazy SNES collection
dot_lvl- eclectic retro variety vtuber, lots of PC Engine
DreamersArcade - awesome arts/crafts/cooking/games/music/fun stuff
DrMooCowz - retro/variety/indie but also trombone
DrOrochi - Garbage Day!
DwarvenDad - chill retro/RPGs
EpicNeonNinjaMonkey - beating every game featured on Game Center CX
FORGOTTEN_VCR - amazing VHS mixtapes, lots of ninjas
Gargon100 - tiny cam, speedruns good games like Beetlejuice
Goati_ - Mega Drive expert and eclectic retro game exploration
GojiFox - great conversations while the RPG is probably paused
Gunstarheroes - passionate/knowledgable game collector, beating every Game Gear game!
Grunt_Guru - chill retro variety
hayesmaker64 - Commodore/Amiga enthusiast and dev
hungrygoriya - cozy retro variety and quality game review videos
janglestorm - eclectic retro speedruns
Jhit - RPG/niche goodness
JonnyKage - completing tons of NES/retro games
junkyard_dave - pretty good at Cheetahmen II
KingOfApoc - Always Playing on Console - eclectic retro variety
kumakhan22 - speedruns/wrestling tributes
LittleMixer - brutal game challenges and trash redeems
Macaw45 - busy stream showcasing obscure retro
MattKuo - relaxed retro variety
N30V3N0M - point n clicks and retro high score attempts
NESAtlas - retro speedruns and creator of the awesome Atlas videos
NPC_Lives - Zadette enthusiast and retro speedrunner
Pollyhead - vtuber talkshow and retro variety
quwebs - retro variety and stream app dev
redauxpdx - retro games and piano fun
RetrogradeTom - the PuzzWiz
RetroHitch - real hardware retro variety
Sakanakao - NES dev and retro games
Skunky48 - TMNT pro and retro speedruns
Stage_1_Boss - Jaguar enthusiast and retro variety
stormcrow56k - retro speedruns and karaoke glory
SuperPitFro - HarryPoop
TheBigMike1983 - kaiju wrangler
therenesance - retro variety and GameScape painter
TheRetroRunner - Ninja Gaiden master shredder
TheXXLOtaku - RPGs and retro backlog destruction
tHiAgOcH - legendary knees and retro speedruns
Toad22484 - prolific retro speedrunner
tondagossa - retro/indie variety and MiSTer exploration
VesperVidya - beating every PS1/Saturn RPG
vortex_industries - 24/7 traffic/weather/jams
wax_house - chill retro speedrunning
wintery_mix - cursed matlock power brunch
WoopVonWoop - retro variety and Jaleco apologist
xexzy - real pinball and retro speedruns
Yogidamonk - retro speedruns / impossible games
ZBR_MF - The Pro Experience
Zorilla33 - sky crimes

Indiepocalypse - cool monthly curated indie game bundle/zine
Mossmouth - Spelunky dev
GB Studio - free software for making Game Boy games
Bad Game Hall of Fame - kosuge appreciation
Brad Smith - NES dev (Lizard and other useful things) - Game Boy dev
Fista Productions - NES Homebrew

My Bandcamp Collection - my music purchase tracker
The X Music Archive - lots of great Japanese city pop / jazz uploads
Terminal Passage - jazz/fusion/funk/eclectic stuff

Neat stuff:
Bogleech - monsters!
Neocities - free website hosting
The GameScape Artist - TheRenesance making wonderful video game inspired paintings

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My Game Collection
Bandcamp - Revy | Bitlegs | Bleepsequence